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    lol Annette - no problem at all about the fob! I understand how things go awry when Mom is away! I am glad that you like it :)

    If you want to email, my addy is [email protected]
    Yuku is a bit screwy sometimes!
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    I have been concerned about you since I have not received that email! I am well - keeping busy and doing good! How about you? Your treatment must be all done by now - how are you feeling?? It is soooo good to hear from you :)
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    Reply from MaddyMaesMum:

    Stupid ezboard/yuku.......I just don't seem to be able to get the hang of it all. I'll see if I can get back into ezboard and find the message I sent you where I apologise profusely and thank you most humbly for my beautiful scissor fob. Long story short, it must have arrived while I was away having radiation and somehow got dropped into a box of Christmas ornaments when the kids packed the tree up because that's where I found it this year when I went through that box looking to see what old ornaments could be tossed out. I feel just awful that your beautiful work went unacknowledged for so long. You must have thought me so rude. Heaven only knows what else the kids got up to last year while I was away! LOL
    Great to be back in contact with you again. I'll be back in contact later....I have to run soon and collect my daughter from work.
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    Hi Netts!
    How are you??? I haven't heard from you in FOREVER! Hope all is well!
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    Here you go you're a "somebody"!

    (((((BIG HUGS))))) to you my dear!

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